As a parent, do you sometimes feel that you're a driver, teacher, cleaner,  peacekeeper and event planner? When it comes to dinner, we'll take care of 'cook' and 'meal planner' We'll deliver right to your door, family sized servings of three dishes:  two meat/seafood & one veg. Cooked fresh daily, easy to reheat, and enough for two adults and two kids (or one growing teen!). Just add rice.


  • Please reheat food before consume. 请在用餐前加热食物
  • Please remove lids when microwave. 微波炉时请取下盖子
  • Please store food below 5°C. 请将食物存放在摄氏 5 度以下。
  • Food best consumed within 12 hours. 最好在 12 小时内食用食物。

MANUAL INPUT / Family of Four

  • Delivery Details

    Your meals are delivered by courier between 14.00 to 18.00 within an insulated refrigerated bag with an ice pack. Please consume or refrigerate immediately.